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Awareness is Key in Intention Therapy®

The majority of my clients lead ordinary lives. They are successful, professional, articulate, interesting, insightful, often extraordinary individuals. They may be experiencing issues related to depression, anxiety, relationship issues, etc. They are in need of the insight and awareness that good psychotherapy can facilitate. They are often in need of direction, and are usually open to feedback about the issues that are causing them problems. They are motivated for change and ask for what they want in therapy. They typically respond well to counseling and have no need

Caught up in severe addiction, depression, mania, anxiety, phobias, anger, psychosis, personality disorders, and/or a number of other lesser known issues. I also have the opportunity to work with clients that wish they could lead “ordinary “ lives.
Too often the extent of the suffering that these individuals were forced to endure was extraordinary and far beyond our normal sensibilities. Much of the mental disease that I see has some roots in the past and usually there is a way clear of it.

Mindful engagement is the key factor in Intention Therapy. Awareness is the key to recovery from whatever it is that prevents you from experiencing life as it is right now. With time my client’s learn to become their own therapist. They learn that to be aware, truly aware, is to be truly free. They learn that none of us are perfect but that should never stop us from practicing perfection.

No matter where we are in our journey in life we must find and practice a way through it. If you do not have a practice, and a way, then you are tossed about amidst the turmoil of your own fractured mind.

The truth in this human life is found in our present moment. Our lives can be found nowhere else. Past and future are only contained in this moment. Whatever thoughts and feelings we have of the past and future are mere thoughts experienced in this moment. To choose to live countless present moments in conceptual purgatory is what many of us do - mindlessly. We need just to wake up to the here and now and see past the ideas that separate us from what can be truly seen. The truth is available to us all, but it is only seen now. As each moment passes, we can try to hold on to a slice of life, or we can learn to let go of the need to possess life, and only desire to live it fully. Truly seen for what it is, life becomes a constant wonder to be enjoyed in whatever way truth chooses to manifest. Beyond mundane egotistical involvement we are free to explore reality without the self

This life is precious, we should not waste it. Intention Therapy is designed to help people mindfully take control of, and responsibility for, their own lives. You become as fully conscious as possible, and thus discover your true potential. You accept, with certainty that you belong to this world in a real and meaningful way. Please make the choice to live a life of meaning and purpose. Let us help you clear away all that encumbers you. Let us help you find your true self and free you from the tyranny of your grasping mind.


Column 2

Where do we come from where are we going. In the search for truth we should ponder these questions. Answers are not as important as questions. We get stuck in answers, we think we have something we can hold to and we stop asking questions. If we stop asking we stop finding. We need to be ever looking and questioning because if we live an unexamined life we live and we die in a meaningless, irresponsible, arrogant, and selfish way. Wholesome intention on examining everything logical in an attempt to know the truth of this moment directly, and be able to have a dialoged with like minded noble characters. Take up a direction, and go, move, flow. Don't let doubt keep you from living, have faith in your ability to handle whatever outcome. If you have to back track do so with wholesome intent to learn from your mistakes. Wholesome intent includes a non-judgemental, spacious mind, thought and feeling are not so important in this case intention is. Good awareness comes with wholesome intention. It has a quality of faith close to certainty.

Column 3

To be fully alive, and to burn up each moment with wholesome intention. This is life, real life, a happy, meaningful life. No need to second guess, Just live out your wholesome intention to interact with others authenticly, with love, and intent to bring them back into the whole when they lose sight of the big picture. Easy to get lost in a world that is always trying to throw you off balance. Our leaders don't lead, they just mostly get run by power, influence and money. We have to get smarter. We can't afford to be lead by fools. We are capable of free thought but we choose oblivian and deception over freedom and responsibility. It seems easier. But it's not. The hard way is the easy way. Take it slow, learn, teach. Love your fellow man in way that he or she has no doubt that they are deserving of it. Confront ignorance and delusion without fear. Who should back down. those with faith in wholesome intention, or those who delight in selfish intent?